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Repeal RTW Commercial Adam Reisz and Richard Newton put together. They shot footage and gathered audio during the 2017 Labor Day Parade in St. Louis.


How to Join Local 493

You may join our union as a NEW MEMBER or you may transfer an existing membership from another IA local.



If you are currently working on a union job, you may request an application packet from the Steward on that production.

Applications can be mailed back or dropped off in person to the Local office.

Applications MUST be turned in with all supported documentation and fees.

The Local office is located at 1611 S. Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63104


The application is to be completed in its entirety, meeting all requirements.  There is a check list in every application, please use it to make sure that you have provided all information that is needed to complete this process. Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.


You must have proof of thirty (30) days of work (i.e. copies of pay stubs and call sheets) in the Motion Picture Industry (i.e. Commercials, Movies, Television, and Video, etc.). 

Your total fees of $625. If you DO NOT submit all fees, your application will be considered incomplete.

(We accept payments by personal check, money order, PayPal or cash) 


The breakdown of the costs are:

  • $100 International Application Fee, Non-Refundable

  • $450 Initiation Fee

  • $75 Dues for your first quarter

You will also need two letters of recommendation.  One of these letters needs to be from a Local 493 member in good standing and the other can be from an industry person, preferably from within your departmental craft, that you have worked for or with. 


Pending members are voted into membership during the next General Membership Meeting (held monthly). Once you have been accepted into membership, your application will be forwarded to the International, and when approved, your membership card will be sent to you, along with membership information about the Local.

After receiving you membership card, you will have ninety (90) days to come to a General Membership Meeting and be sworn in to complete the application process.

Any application not voted into membership will be notified in writing and a refund will be issued within five (5) business days of the vote.


You must request a Transfer Card from your current local.

Obtain a Transfer of Membership application from Local 493 and complete it in its entirety.

Submit a transfer fee of $250, as well as your next quarterly dues of $75.

You will continue to remit your quarterly dues to your Local until you are voted into Local 493.

You must contact Business Agent, Gordon Hayman to request a permit for each production you wish to work on until the date of your initiation into 493.

We at Local 493 would like to thank you for considering membership within our Local.  Should you have any further questions, feel free to call our office at 314.621.4930, or email

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