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 Training Information; Message from Gordon

     It is time to ramp up our efforts to improve the skill set(s) of our existing Members and to educate / train new and prospective Members.  We've noted before that while we have a good base of qualified workers, we need to expand our ranks to be certain we can fulfill the needs of the increase in production that the incentive will likely bring.  We did an excellent job with "On Fire".  Through that job we increased our Membership by approx. 12%, bringing in some new workers who have now proven they are capable of doing the work and are ready to improve and increase their skill set(s).  It's a good start but we need to keep working.  We need to keep growing.


     We've made an effort in the past to utilize the IATSE Training Trust as a training base to build from.  The TTF has grown substantially and they continue to regularly add classes for IATSE Members and non Member workers.  Linkedin Learning, Safety First, and the Motion Picture and Television Worker's Online Safety Courses provide a wealth of education opportunities.  The AVIXA Elite Membership opens the door to both basic and extensive training in the AV world of our sister Local 143.  That cross training can help provide additional work during their busy time while helping them fill jobs serving the convention industry.  We need to take advantage of this great resource and the first step for everyone is to take a few minutes to apply for the benefits.  Once you get onto the site, we are certain you will agree that it is an excellent benefit for all of our workers. 




Once you are on the site click on applications.  Under IATSE Workers, get started with Linkedin Learning Subscription, Motion Picture Television Workers Online Safety Courses, and Safety First.  Fill out the applications and email them to the TTF as instructed.  The TTF will contact our office to verify eligibility (we certify that you are either a Member working in the industry, a worker who has done at least one day on a job under an IATSE Agreement or a worker who has the potential of doing so).  After we respond you will receive notice of acceptance to each category with a username and temporary password which you will change on initial sign in.   


     Once you have a chance to check out the TTF, it's likely you will wish we had pushed it harder in the past and that you had already jumped into the training pool.  I'll take responsibility for that.  I admit I could have done more and I can accept that.  Now it's time for me to lift that off my shoulders and step up for all of us to correct that.  I'll move some of this onto each of your shoulders and ask that you help by taking  responsibility for diving in, using the TTF to help grow in your career and to help mentor those who will be the future of our Local.  I'll be a strong participant and take many of these classes myself to help others work through them.  The TTF provides a training tracker component that will help us to note classes taken and passed as well as suggest additional classes for continued growth.  I'll be using that to update your individual files as we recognize the work everyone is doing. 

Together We Rise!


In Solidarity and in the Spirit of Mother Jones!



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